Should a college or university education be available to all?

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University education is one of the most important steps in the development of a person. It gives the individual the opportunity to specialize in a definite sphere of knowledge. And after this, when he has attained perfection, he can effectively apply his skills. Higher education is a priority. But should it be privilege only for a selected and evaluated group of people, or be available to the whole mass?

Some people believe that the chance to study in university should be given to all. And there is a sense in this. Because if everybody is well-educated, a utopia will come true. People will use their knowledge, there will be a much greater mental power, which will supply discoveries. And in this way it will lead to a better world.

But from another point of view, why should people, who have not used the chance to study in the years of their childhood, be given the opportunity to study in university? Obviously, they do not value education, and a future continuation of their battle with sciences will be absolutely pointless.

And after all, not everyone is born to deal with knowledge.

This should not mean, that less educated people are less important as well, because even such an incredible creature as a professor can't work without food, can't live without a house and won't feel happy if the streets in his neighbourhood are dirty.

I think that university education should be given to everyone who has the desire to study, because there always can appear new and unshown skills in a person. Because people should have the right to choose their destiny without concerning bureaucracy. Because a person knows best for himself whether he will be happy as an ice cream vendor or as a lawyer.