Should the consitiution be ratified? Why or why not?

Essay by hggjk2000A, March 2002

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It is very vital that the Constitution be ratified. The government is in a state of near anarchy. The Constitution is a compilation of many of the proposed ideas take root in various important documents such as the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Virginia Declaration of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Bill of Rights. All of these great documents were used in the making of the new constitution. It provides for the good of a nation, as a Union. Although some are yet to become fully convinced, it is only a matter of time before their opinions are swayed.

Anti-Federalists believe that the constitution is flawed. They argue that there is no separation of church and state. However it has been proved that when there is no separation it leads to problems. One only has to look at what we as a nation were born from.

The people must be free to follow in whichever faith they may choose. The Declaration of Independence states that "All men are endowed . . . with certain unalienable rights . . . are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." For one to have liberty and purse happiness they must be able to practice freely separate from government. The Anti-Federalists also complain about the problem of denying states to print money.

If any state is free to print money freely without any constraints then problems will obviously arise. Inflation will be rampant and our currency will quickly loose its value. If this occurs then it will become nearly impossible for us to pay off our foreign debts. We as a nation owe money to other nations. The states have proven that they can't take care of such issues. A national government however will be able to act...