What should the core functions of policing be?

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Victoria Police has a proud history serving the community of Victoria, building and nurturing a positive relationship with the public.

Policing is not an easy occupation. Victoria Police is here to provide assistance, protection, support, leadership and above all, maintain peace in society. Every minute of every hour of every day, year in and year out, Victoria Police is ready to respond to the needs of the community.

Victoria Police history moves through the gold rush days, the brutal Kelly Gang era, the urban sprawl of the late 1880's, World War 1 and the Great Depression, followed by unemployment, demonstrations and strikes before the onset of World War II.

By the mid 1960's the population of Victoria has passed two million and police were trying to combat gambling issues, a developing youth culture, Vietnam War demonstrations and the impact of drugs on society.

From the 1980's police have been tackling road safety, robberies, drug trafficking, house burglaries, motor vehicle theft, gun control and use of knives in assault.

Every major event in Victoria's history has involved the police in their role as community guardians. The following short history is a brief overview of the events that have shaped the organisation into what it is today - a pioneering police service that has developed into a modern and innovative organisation, which aims to meet the needs of all Victorians.

Today, the organisation has grown into one of the largest police services in the western world with a budget of $1.2 billion, some 13,100 staff and 328 police stations around the State.

Also, Victoria Police today could not function without the 2000 support staff and civilian experts in its ranks, working in areas such as finance, property development, administration, criminal records and forensic science. Support staff is a vital part of...