Should the death penalty be abolished all over the world?

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Death penalty is the kind of punishment that the crime or offence's life is executed. Over many years, the issue that whether the Governments all over the world should apply death penalty as the highest punishment still has been debated. Some argue that the capital punishment is one of the best ways to reduce the crime rate and allow justice to be done. However, it, in fact, is not. There is a wide range of factors against the death penalty including its risk of executing innocent people, its ineffectiveness in reducing the murder rate and finally is its inverse the fundamental human rights.

First and foremost, it is undoubted that each person life is precious and priceless. Everybody has the right to live until their natural death. Killing a person, under any circumstancesl, is immoral and cruel even when it is done by the Government. Death penalty, therefore, should never been use.

It is said that one of the useful methods to decline the rate of committing crime is capital punishment. It, however, has not been proved to be a better deterrent than life in a prison. Actually, the offender normally commits a crime under the influence of some factors like drugs or alcohol. For example, the murderers do not think about the consequence or the kind of punishment they are going to receive when killing somebody. Thus, the reduction in crime cannot be done by the capital punishment.

Last but not least, it cannot be said for sure that there is no chance of executing innocent people. Humans are fallible so accusing the wrong people is likely to happen. Meanwhile, the death penalty, unlike other punishments, is fixed. Once it is carried out, there is no way, no pardon and no compensation can be done to...