Should English Be the Language of America?

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The lobbying group known as U.S. English has been dedicated in trying to make English the official language. The State and Federal government is trying to declare English the official language.

The United States has several problems but you would not think English is one of them. "Census figures show that 97 percent of Americans over the age of five are fluent in English." There are 23 states that adopted English as their official language. Newt Gingrich said," without English as a common language, there is no (American} civilization. U.S. English wants to reduce the teaching of bilingual education and replace it by teaching new immigrants instead. The real question is what the impact of the English language might be. (Human Events 1995)

I think English should become the official language of the United States. It is very important in the aspect of getting a job. It is also important in the area of communication.

If you can not speak English it would be hard to get a job where communication is involved. The example I came up with is law enforcement. Being a police officer would be much easier if everyone would speak English. The officers are now required to take more classes on different languages. These classes could be eliminated if everyone was required to speak English. For this reason especially I believe English should be the

official language of the United States.