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The controversy surrounding euthanasia and the arguments supporting or protesting the practice have raised serious concern and problems in the medical field for years, as well as society and the world as a whole. Nowadays euthanasia isn’t legalized in many of the civilized societies but the question is: should it be?Many people may confuse euthanasia with assisted suicide, the difference is in euthanasia, one person does something that directly kills another. For example, a doctor gives a lethal injection to a patient. In assisted suicide, a non-suicidal person knowingly and intentionally provides the means, or acts in some way to help a suicidal person kill him or herself. For example, a doctor writes a prescription for poisonThere are two types of euthanasia: passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is simply ending artificial life support in order to prolong life. By some people it is considered a good medical practice, and is usually performed on terminally ill patients.

Active or voluntary euthanasia involves intentional hastening the death of a terminally ill patient who requests to avoid painful and prolonged dying. Active euthanasia is simply the patients request to end their life, either because of endless or excruciating pain, or because they will never recover from their illness or disease.

Euthanasia has become an extremely volatile issue in our society and many arguments opposed to euthanasia have arisen. In first place euthanasia can be considered inhumane as the doctor or person who is killing the suicidal person isn’t "letting nature take its course." God is who decides when a person has to die or not and not humans.

Another argument against euthanasia is that some murders can be justified by arguing that euthanasia was being applied. Similarly the government in many countries are constantly trying to reduce the number of deaths...