What should 'good' design have as its principle?

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Over the past few decades, the expansion of design principles has dramatically changed the way design concepts are viewed by people. The strong influences of principles towards good design have driven evolutions in many design artifacts. This document will represents a compilation of what should good design have as its principles, which have been compiled from many resources on design, as well as my own experience and from a comprehensive literature gathered from multiple resources. Moreover, most of these principles can be applied to any kind of design either in fashion, product or graphical.

If there is such a thing as beauty, we need to be able to recognize it. We need a good sense to be able to design good things. Instead of indulging beauty as a concept, to be either non-sense about or avoided depending on how one feels about fresh concept, it is best to try considering it as a practical question: How do you make good design? This document is expected to be systematically developed a set of general and supporting good design principles.


The term design is defined as the act of planning a form of idea, a decorative or an artistic work, a sketch used to indicate the plan for something, an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides actions planned. Design indicates to an idea, which is aimed at. Objectives points to the feelings or desire with which an idea is required. The purposes of design are that it has indication to a complete choice or purpose for its success.

The life cycle cost of a design artifact is, to a large extent, influenced by its maintainability. Besides being a statistical concept, maintainability is a design factor whose achievement is influenced by known elements and attributes. However, these elements and...