Should the Government spend more funs on military and less on education and medical care?

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The decision of whether or not the governments in every country should spend more funds on military and less on education and medical care is one of the important global issues. The majority of people believe that human's life should be sustained and improved. This proposal is supported by a number of reasons such as the human desire to live longer, healthier, and more intellectual. Hence, the government should focus on improving of health care and education. On the other hand, there are other opinions which suggest that the government should focus more on the development of Military in order to protect the country and to strengthen the country itself. Therefore, the question of whether the governments spend more funding on military or should heath care and education system be taken into consideration. According to the Oxford advanced learners' Dictionary, the term "health care" is defined as "the service of providing medical care", whereas patients can be assisted powerfully and effectively (2005, p.690).

"Education" refers to "the process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills" (2005, p.467) in which learners can be able study a number of subjects under the trainer's observation. Additionally, whether or not the Army is supported, it still has been proved as the physically powerful tool in protecting and in guarding a country. Military is written as "the armed force" (Encyclopaedia, Internet). The above question is the main concern that any governments have to understand in order to plan out the appropriate solutions. The advantage of improving education is to advance the general level of education so that people are supposed to live without poverty as well as illiterate. In addition, the enhancement of health care helps to treat and determine a variety...