Should guns be banned and if so which ones?

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Should guns be banned and if so which ones? Some would say that guns are associated with violence and most crimes. Then, others would argue that most are used for hunting and other sporting events and that only a small percent is used for crime. Just that the ones used in crimes are more talked about then the ones used in nonviolence activities.

One theory is that the way the guns are advertised and marketed, have a great deal of impact on how they will be used for either good or evil. If they are advertised with how much damage they could do and how quiet and undetectable they are, then there is a high probability that with will be used in crime. When it comes down to it though, it's the gun makers that want them to be market with those things. They know that if the criminals aren't buying the guns then just the hunters are.

If that happened then the sales of guns would go down eventually causing the gun makers to go out of business.

On the other hand you got the animal rights people who say that the hunting of harmless animals is wrong. If they can't prove there point there, then they go and say look at all of the deaths that are caused during hunting. Then the people that are against the guns all together can say, look no matter what they are used for deaths of people are always going to happen, accident or not.

If the gun makers would just have something to do with hunting in their adverting, then that might help. They wouldn't even have to do much, just as simple as a hunter with one of their guns. They don't even need to say anything.