Should "Heather Hae Two Mommies" be used in the teaching of elemantary school children

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"One of the unwritten laws of contemporary morality, the strictest and best respected of all, requires adults to avoid any reference, above all any humorous reference, to sexual matters in the presence of children."1 Heather Has Two Mommies, has been in the center of controversy in the New York City Schools a number of years ago which lead to the departure of the schools chancellor. Heather Has Two Mommies was not one of the required texts for the sexual education program, but the thought of the young children being exposed to it caused terror and anger in many city parents. The idea of children learning about other lifestyles is a great idea for building tolerance in our society, in our society, many children are made to stay away from the ideas of sexuality and homosexuality in schools until their parents deem appropriate, which is usually around the seventh or eighth grades.

As for this being a part of the curriculum for children ages 6-9, this is where the debate begins. Either start teaching young or wait until the children are a bit older. In Ancient Greece, young boys around the age of puberty were introduced into many styles of life, this age was appropriate because it was deemed that any younger could harm the males. Also, in the late middle ages, there was pedofilia acts performed by adults towards children, that could result in harm to the genitals, or mental problems, this is resultant to introducing sexual ideas to children too early.

In Ancient Greece, it was customary for an older male to take a male about the age of puberty, and introduce them to adulthood. This did include in sexual acts, but it also included philosophy and other teachings. But, these men had the same done to...