Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The following report is based on an argumentative paper which discusses the pros and cons of legalizing Marijuana, ending the paper with my personal opinion. As with many issues, the legalization of marijuana is very complex and multisided. There are numerous viewpoints other than being for complete legalization. These viewpoints are middle of the road views and stem, many times, from people trying to come about with viable compromises to the debate of legalization. For example, support has been growing from many legislators in states like California and Arizona to keep marijuana illegal to the public but legal for medical use. This shows that many factions support different compromises in order to appease different arguments. While their will always be radicals for the opposing sides of legalization, there are also large numbers of people in favor of compromises. As long as these people make their argument heard, there will continue to be many sides to this debate.

Even the fact that there are no deaths directly caused by Marijuana is а strong point on the pro-legalization side.

However, I believe that the Legalization would lead to more problems in а society that is already full enough with other issues and debates concerning our health and safety. The fact that relief can be attained in а pill form without the hazards of smoke inhalation and other dangerous chemicals strikes а blow to the pro-legalization claim that pot has medicinal value. Also, it is widely regarded as а gateway drug, which means that although perhaps it could be regulated, it may lead to а higher percentage of people trying harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine (Bouford, 1997). Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is that the legalization would make pot available to the youth in а similar way to how alcohol and...