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Marijuana Marijuana better known as weed in english is a plant that is used by many things , this plant is consider as a drug , but I dont consider this plant a drug, as I see marijuana it's a natural herb that relaxes your body that doesn't contains chemical substances as other drugs , and actually drug it's a pretty bad strong word so I prefer to say natural herb. Marijuana was first found in China around 4000 B.C. the plant was used for religious things and many things and for medical issues as the years pas marijuana became illegal because of their effects and because how can affect your brain anyway many issues. I surley think marijuana isn't harmless, yes it has a bad side but pretty much all the things are good. Marijana can affect young teens like us in school by causing problems of brain development in areas related to memory, attention, decision making, language and executive skills but that only if you smoke everyday like 4 joints, then you would have many more problems and not only in young teens , adults too.

Many people in a range of age 15 to 100, think that marihuana is very bad because they were educated in the early years that drugs are very bad but they really don't know what they are talking about they just think marihuana is bad because it is called a "drug" but like 80% of the people who think marihuana is bad , they smoke tabacco like a smokestack and they drink alcohol like a calf, but it is also a drug. 6 million people in Mexico die every year for smoking tabaco.

And 4 million people die every year for alcohol by driving drunk or...