should men be house husband

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Should men be house husbands?

In the past there was a difference between the work of men and women And everyone of them has different type of jobs than other which identical with their potentials for example the man was going to the forest to fishing and the woman was sitting at home to take care of the children or cooking so in my opinion the man should not be house husband because this job is not suitable to his personality character which characterized by strength and I have my own reasons for thinking so.

The women have some feathers that let her to be able to be house wife more than men for example house working needs someone who always stay at home and the man cannot stay at home for long time the man always like to spend his time outside while women don't.

House working needs someone who has experience about how to take care of the children and women have more experience about that while men don't.

In our community the women are more interested to take care of their children more than their husbands and they know more about what is the child needs more than their husbands.

One more reason, house working needs someone who always is active and someone who can be able to be responsible about everything at home but in my opinion the man always think about his lifestyle or his business so he has less time to think about what is the house need.

In conclusion all that reasons confirm that the men should not be house husbands because of the lack of experience and the disability to take care of the children so the women are more suitable to be house wives and it will be the best...