Should Music be Censored?

Essay by chillinchickaJunior High, 9th gradeB, June 2003

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Why are there so many outcries to ban rock and gangsta rap? Why does our government want to censor music? Is it really the violence that comes from the lyrics of the songs, and the attitudes that it creates, both positive and negative?

People say that the things they want to censor are bad, but are those materials really bad? Could these music types be referred to as bad things just because they are new, strange, and daring.

Some people, such as Tipper Gore, the Vice President's wife, support censoring music . On the other hand, Frank Zappa, who has opposed censoring music, ridiculed Gore's assertion that certain types of music could promote deviant behavior saying, "I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone's teeth get cleaner?"

Today's music has advanced greatly since Generation X's parents' time. The variety of music comes from a wide range of artists with many different ways of expression.

It seems as though Generation X understands and accepts this type of artistic music. However, there are many that will not even listen to this music to give it a fair chance. One particular person like this is Bob Dole. One of our sources states that he is very one sided and hasn't even listened to the point of the music, but he still condemns it because of the word choice of the artist. While advocating censorship on one hand, Bob Dole is quoted as saying: "People are responsible for their actions. Movies and music do not make people into murderers."

We can also tell that Bob Dole is out of touch with music. He still refers to banning music such as Two Live Crew, which is hardly played anymore.

Many musicians have jumped in on the fight against censorship. They...