Should People have Long Distance Relationships?

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For some, long distance relationships can bring relief from a life of loneliness and a lack of intimacy. For others long distance relationships are far from flourishing. Some enter into relationships online with the belief that there may be some outcome for all their effort. Later they find out that it isn't going to work out after all. Some people are all for long distance relationships and some without having any knowledge of them, fear for others exploring this possibility. To bring to light the answer to the concerns of both part's views and feelings about this subject may help bring some understanding into their thought formations of this subject.

"Oh wow I've finally met someone" is a common thought with many single ones that have lived their lives without a mate. All I had to do was go online, spend countless hours looking and over time, develop a bond with a mutual recipient.

Maybe reword this sentence to flow better into your next one which I believe is the topic sentence for this paragraph. Some people are very shy and it is difficult for them to risk talking to a stranger in person. Rather than risk the pain of immediate rejection, they venture into cyberspace to meet the potential mate they have longed for. They find them in personals, chat rooms, message boards, and sometimes game rooms. Encounters are sometimes instantaneous. So True! I know it has happened to me. It does make you feel good to see someone taking an interest and gives you a little boost. Today's technology allows a single person to talk to someone of the opposite sex at their convenience. All they have to do is enter a chat room and they get offers to chat. This can be exciting for some, and...