Should private schools receive federal and state tax money?

Essay by wisely May 2004

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There are thousands of private schools in America. All of these schools charge a lot of tuition because they do not get matching funds from federal or state governments. Why can't they receive financial aid from the nation? Many of them provide a good environment for students to study, do research, and develop knowledge; just as well as public schools do, and they also train and teach many excellent elite students to feed back into the society and the United States. Based on the reasons above, private schools should receive federal and state tax money. The following reasons will support my opinion as well.

First of all, the parents of students who study in private schools; for example, a school like USC, also pay their taxes to the federal and state governments. Sometimes these parents pay one and half times taxes, according to Wall Street Journal, more than those whose children study in public schools.

The purpose of the tax money from the government is to help students register at the schools without worrying about the tuition, so all the parents pay their taxes and all the students should be helped by the government. This is not only about fear but also about education; students should take their responsibilities--studying hard in suitable environment. No matter whether they are in private or public schools, they should get aid money for the students and their education.

Secondly, every student can apply to a good school easily if every school has the matching funds. Every school limits its student population each semester, and most of the best students from normal families will choose a public school; for instance, they will choose a school like UCI and UCLA, so most of the better students from the same economic group will have no...