Should Pro Players be paid so much??

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Should NHL players be able to participate in the Olympics? There are many upsides to this, but just as many downsides also. By the player taking place in the events would they get hurt or cause damage to property?

Last Olympic season marks the first time that all NHL players were aloud to partake in the games. The NHL had hoped hockey would be one of the biggest stories of the Olympics. They got their wish. The American team breezed through the other teams. They reached the final game, but unfortunately they lost. Contrast that to the picture left behind by the U.S. men's hockey team, which seemed to treat the Olympics like an extended spring break. Their only victory was an unimpressive win over Belarus. Most of the players were at night clubs for extended periods. The U.S. men left after a 4-1 loss to the Czech Republic. After this lose, the team headed back to their hotels.

While at the hotels, disappointed about their recent lose, they trashed the hotel. They caused up to $3,000 worth of damage to their apartments in the Olympic Village, breaking chairs and tossing fire extinguishers from the fifth floor. Even in an Olympic Games that few seemed to be watching, those images will last as an utter embarrassment. This would be a prime reason not to send the NHL players. This Olympic season the NHL players were sent again. They showed the world what they are made of. They went to the dance to show pure professionalism.

One of the major problems with sending the NHL players is the possibility of injury. If injury a cures, then the player could be kept from playing from their country and if the injury is serious enough they could end up missing the NHL season...