should religion exist in the 21st century?

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Should religion exist in the 21st century?

Religion has been one of the most favorite topics to be the subject to a debate. Each person has his own view of what religion is. Some say that religion is not necessary to a life of a person. Some prefer to be more technical and scientific other than to be religious. Most of these persons who prefer science over religion oftenly ask the basis of the claims of the different religions. Others prefer the theories of philosophers who question everything about religion. These persons influenced by the idea of these philosophers sometimes become an agnostic or even an atheist. Meaning they too are already questioning the existence of religion. On the other hand, there are these people who believe that their religion is the one responsible for shaping their humanity and morality.

Some believers of religion prefer not to question anything instead they choose to believe that this religion that they belong to answers every possible question that a human being is capable of asking. With these separate and contradicting opinions about religion comes now the question of: whether or not religion is necessary in the 21st century? In my own opinion, religion is still necessary in the human race. Most of the people need something to believe in especially in desperate times. The only thing this people can run to is their religion. Take for example those persons who were the victims of the typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. These people are very unfortunate since they have lost everything including their properties and worst their families. However most of these people have never given up and started to rise and live a new life. The reason, most probably, is...