Should Schools Have Student Uniforms?

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Should Schools Have Student Uniforms?

The idea that schools should have uniforms for their students has supporters on both sides; many people think that uniforms are useless and that students should be allowed to wear their own clothes, while many others think that uniforms are a positive thing that allows students to better concentrate on education and instils discipline in the students. In my opinion, uniforms are something that almost no school can go without, for many reasons, which will be explained shortly.

The first and foremost reason is equality. When everyone wears the same clothing (a uniform), the first impression that anyone gets is more or less the same, unlike with other clothes, where a person would be judged (at first) by what he or she is wearing. Uniforms obliterate this wrongful foremost meeting. With casual attire, people are often "sorted" and fit in only with a specific group.

With uniforms, such sorting cannot occur, and students always feel a sense of belonging to the school. In schools with no uniform rules, some students are stressed because they cannot fit in anywhere; prejudiced students quickly "dismiss" them simply because their clothes look different. Uniforms would completely eliminate this problem - the stress that some students get because they can't fit in anywhere. With this stress gone, students will actually focus more on academics. It's hard to believe, but uniforms can have such a large impact.

Some say that uniforms limit individuality that young teens crave for so much. If for them individuality means having different attire from each other, then they need to think again about individuality. Individuality should be thoughts and opinions, not looks.

Another reason for uniforms is money. With everyone wearing casual clothes, a student would be pressured into buying new attire all...