Should Steroids Be Allowed into Hall of Fame

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Should Steroids Be Allowed into the Hall of Fame?

In Zev Chafet's essay "Let Steroids into the Hall of Fame", there is a sentence that really stands out to the reader. "Since the dawn of baseball, players have used whatever substances they believed would help them perform better, heal faster, or relax during a long and stressful season" (253). As a baseball fan I read Chafet's essay knowing that some players used steroids, but it does not validate that the use of enhancement drugs is considered cheating, and those who are caught or admit to using should not be allowed into the Hall of Fame.

It is not uncommon to hear of players using drugs to boost their skills but as a fan it is always a disappointment to hear. A person likes to see these superb athletes show off their skills in games and believe that it is achieved through hard work and dedication.

The use of steroids not only alters the playing ability but also alters the game. When a player begins racking up important stats like RBIs and homeruns, the larger the amount is pleasing when considering voting the player into the Hall of Fame. If steroids are involved or suspected, however, the line between being talented and being great becomes blurred.

Sometimes it is not only the question if players are good naturally or with a little extra boost, but what steroids are exactly. There are two types of steroids, anabolic steroids being the one abused by sport players. Anabolic steroids influence the hormonal system to produce more testosterone, thus allowing the buildup of a greater amount of muscle in a short time. Steroids improve strength, muscle mass, and endurance, but it is not yet proven that steroids can enhance...