Should Success be defined as the ability to live your life your own way?

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Success is a very relative term. It means different things to different people. While most of the people associate it with accumulating material objects such as a home, car, etc, some others associate it with non-material accomplishments such as gaining knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, etc. All these definitions have their own pros and cons. But to define Success as the ability to live your life in your own way is not appropriate. Success can be better defined as the attainment of specific goals, which have a positive impact on the lives of most of the people affected by its outcome.

One component of Success, as per this definition, is setting a goal that affects maximum people positively. The whole process of setting such a goal makes you think and analyze the consequences of what you want to accomplish. It is a more complete definition. It helps you know that your success not only affects you as an individual but also other people.

In the process, it also helps you decide the best possible way to pursue your goals. Moreover, it gives you a sense of accountability towards your actions.

Another attribute of success, is the 'attainment' of your goal. That means just thinking of doing the right thing is not enough. You need to act towards accomplishing you goal. This need to accomplish makes you focused and result-oriented. It helps you analyze others' and your actions in terms of their impact on your objective. So, it helps you get into an analytical frame of mind. This quality always keeps you on your toes and at the same time, also gives you a feeling of satisfaction every time you realize that you have moved closer to your objective.

On the other hand, defining success just as the ability...