Should There Be A Holocaust Memorial Day?

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"Only in our remembrance and open discussion is there a chance, a hope that another Holocaust will never happen." Louis Weber, publisher of "The Holocaust Chronicle"

The Holocaust was the mass slaughter of Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Even 60 years after the Holocaust people still debate upon whether a Holocaust memorial day should be held. There are both positive points and negative drawbacks. I strongly believe that a Holocaust memorial is essential because of serveral reasons. However, I also understand the disadvantages.

First of all, a Holocaust memorial day is beneficial because it will create opportuinities for our society to be in unity. It will allow the Jewsih people around the world to feel accepted and it delivers a chance for us to show our care and sympathy for them. The memorial day will create an opportuinity which allows us to sympathize the agony they were forced to endure, this will teach the us and the younger generations to respect and be aware of their costums.

After all the suffering the Jewish people have been through, I strongly believe that we should provide them with a chance to remember their ancestors who have died in this event.

One of the major issues about having a Holocaust memorial is that Jews may reminiscence the horrifying past and may feel depressed about it. However I believe that this should be a process in which they can learn to forgive others as persecution is no longer an issue with the majority. Such a vast gathering may attract unwanted Anti-Semitists or terrorsits, and the consequences to this could be deadly.

The history of our society led a path which included many hostile forms of genocides all over the world. Some more brutal than others, but all of them were prejudized...