"Should There Be A Later Starting Time For The School Day?"

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Great American Novelist Edgar Watson Howe once said, "There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night's sleep". "Studies show ... that teenagers on average get less than the 8 ½ to 9 ¼ hours of sleep they need to stay alert in class" (Viadero 11). Everyone needs a good night sleep but the day must start early to teach children the responsibility of getting up early to go to a job. Also, the after school job is being put out of the question if the school day ends so late due to the fact it is starting later as well. Students use the money they earn after school for college and that extra spending money they don't have to ask their parents for. The affects of starting the school day later would also affect the student's relationships with their friends and family negatively by not allowing students to spend quality time with each other and their families (Wrobel 5).

Despite all of these claims, starting the school day later would benefit student greater than it would hurt the students. The advantages of having the school day start later include that the students will get better grades, students will not develop health problems due to lack of sleep, and attendance records and student discipline will improve.

If the school day was to start later in the day students grades would increase dramatically. Adolescents around the country are not getting the recommend eight to nine hours of sleep to function as they should during the day. High school students are becoming more active in extra curricular activities and by the time they get done their homework it is close to midnight and they are physically and mentally exhausted. Then, they have to wake up the...