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In this case study I am going to evaluate if the MMR vaccine should be used and whether it is safe for children to be vaccinated. Since 1988, there has been a big controversy about the safety of the MMR vaccine and its perceived link to bowel disease and autism. The MMR vaccine safeguards patients from deadly diseases such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella, reducing the risks of children transmitting the deadly disease and lowering the number infected.

To do this I will obtain information from valid sources such as books, scientific journals, newspapers and the internet and will analyse and research into the medical and scientific background to help conclude. The sources I will use will help to evaluate as to whether it is safe for children to be vaccinated. In doing so, I must be careful regarding as to where I obtain the information from and how suitable the website is, as not all information from the internet is infallible and must be checked for viability.

By attaining and researching the relative data I will evaluate the arguments for and against the use of the MMR vaccine and will finally present my conclusion on the controversy.

Scientific theory

MMR vaccine is given to young children, to protect them against measles, mumps and rubella (German measles). Measles are caused by a highly infectious virus that causes a rash over the body, and a high fever, the effects of it can last a week to two weeks (though for adults the effects may last longer, and the effects of the disease could be more severe). Measles can be treated by painkillers; bed rest is also recommended and drinking plenty of fluids. Mumps is another infectious virus (about as infectious as influenza), it causes glands to swell within the neck,