Should tobacco be banned?

Essay by passion_fruit May 2006

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The negative effects of tobacco are now one of the most burning issues and there has been much dispute over whether or not the government should prohibit it. From my own point of view, it should be banned completely for three reasons as follows.

In the first place, tobacco is extremely harmful to human health. More specially, it brings on a number of fatal diseases such as heart attack, lung cancer, high blood pressure. Annually, millions of people are reported to be deprived of their lives due to tobacco-related diseases.

Moreover, it decreases the human immune system, which will surely, make it easier for people to catch other diseases as well. Secondly, it has been scientifically proved that passive-smoking is even more hazardous than active smoking. In this way, smokers not only put their health in danger but also deteriorate the health of other people who accidentally inhale the smoke.

Lastly, another argument against tobacco is that it is money-wasting. Every year, the total sum of money that people spare to buy tobacco can count up to millions of dollars. Needless to say, it is unreasonable to cost a huge amount of money to buy danger, while per annum a great number of people in the world die because of starvation or lack of medical facilities.

In conclusion, personally, I am convinced that tobacco does people more harm than good. Therefore, the government should ban it immediately, otherwise it will be too late.