Should the trade in kidneys from living donors be legalised? Discuss.

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Should the trade in kidneys from living donors be legalised? Discuss.

The trade of kidneys, more so for the seller, is, like anything in life, a risk; and one has to accept that every risk will have an outcome which could range from perfect to disastrous. I will try and use arguments for and against both sides.

Why should the sale of kidneys be legalised?

First and foremost, the sale of a kidney, that is not vital to someone, could give someone else a chance to live. If the seller of the kidney died, then there would be no justification for the argument for the sale of kidneys, because the pros would cancel out the cons. The fact is when someone donates a kidney, someone else gets to live.

In the video we watched there is a story of a man who sells his kidney to raise money to pay off debts.

Then the operation goes wrong and he is left with so much pain that he is then unable to work so his family have to work for him or they go without food.

Some people may ask, 'How can this be an argument for legalisation?' because the majority of kidney transplants, done in good conditions, succeed, and if the sale of kidneys was made legal then the practice would get government funding and so the conditions would improve and there would be better standards which would then lead to better success rates, ruling out the counter-argument, 'Standards are not good enough in less developed countries.' Also as I stated in my first paragraph, everything in life is a risk, and this man miscalculated the pros and cons.

If this plan became legalised and only having one kidney became 'the norm', and more people were...