Should uniforms be necessary in schools?

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A girl was sitting on the bench in the park and dreaming about her life. Her name is Sarah. She was thinking how her life would be changed if she listened to his grandfather's advice. Her life would face a huge difference that was going to school and become a professional in a job rather than selling cigarettes in the street. His grandfather, Mohammad, was a man who could not go to school at his young ages because at that time school was a place that rich people could go. His father was a worker in one of these schools; therefore, Mohammad always sat behind the door of the classroom and listened to the teacher's lecture. Sarah was wondering why she denied going to school and came up to the depressing conclusion. She could not go to school because of having no money in her pocket to buy beautiful clothes.

Therefore, by making uniforms mandatory, society can prevent facing problems such as paying attention to students' outfit and feeling shy in schools due to lack of the money.

The first reason that uniform should be mandatory in school is that students should pay attention to their lessons rather than their outfit. School is a holy place that students should only concentrate on their studying. In the past decades, many countries came to the conclusion that when students wear various kinds of cloths in schools, they think all types of groups in the school will pay attention to what they wear; therefore, they try to dress in clothes which are fashionable at that time. As a result, when students want to put on the best clothes they have, they will spend less time on their studying and more on time shopping at the malls. In addition, wearing uniform dose not...