Should we, as citizens, be morally concerned with the poverty and hunger rampant in our world today?

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About 15% of the population in the world are constant undernourished and many millions of people are starving every day. One fourth of world population are living in poverty, where a poor individual is classified as a person that has less then one US dollar per day to live of. This is happening at the same time as where every third person, just accounted in the western world, is suffering from obesity. The interpretation of this is that the resources are extremely uneven through the world. But you can not just measure poverty in money because there is so much more to it. Poverty can also be measured in health, food, medical care, pure drinking water and security. Usually poverty is when people can not accomplish the standard of living that is normal in their society. This means that the significance of being poor is different between societies and countries in the world.

The foundation for the poverty in many of the countries in the world were establish during the Middle ages when the colonization resulted in that the people of Africa for an example became the victim of slavery, oppression and poverty. Even when these countries liberation came, the countries were far behind and the gulf between the rich and the poor were big because many white people had continued to keeping the power.

Poverty and hunger are important problem to discuss, because it is not acceptable that in the year of 2006 when we can walk on the moon, clone animals and do the most incredible things but not succeed to give every human being an acceptable standard of living.

The poverty is the main reason for starvation. Starvation is the biggest consequence of poverty.

Justice is an important conception to reflect when you are discussing poverty and...