Should we have tests in school?

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Minh Trang

Should testing be done in school?

When I was eight years old, everything was so easy, even tests, so we did not care much about testing. We had to do only one test every three months. As we grew up, there were more and more tests for us to do. That was when I realized, a test is more than something to make us feel confused with by asking difficult questions; it is more like a challenging task in life that we have to face and overcome. Some people think that there should be no testing in schools because students are often stressed when exams and tests are given. From my point of view, tests are definitely important, they will help students to be motivated, to have a goal, and to learn about life.

The first reason why testing in schools is important is because tests help students to be and stay motivated.

Do you remember the first time you got a 100% on a science test? How did you feel? If I were you, I would be so happy and continue to study harder, to maintain the pace that I had set for myself. That is when you have the motivation to do something. It is true that a school subject is not everything in life. There are a lot of things that are more important. However, one can learn the right mindset and motivation from doing well in just one subject. You should ask yourself such questions: "What attitude should I have when I study something", "How do I solve this problem" or "What is the purpose of studying?". And then, you can take a test easily, without much worrying.

Not only testing in school help us to be motivated, it also has the second benefit...