Should We Interfere With Laws In Other Countries?

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Essay On Article: Teens Flogging Posponed Although we believe that physical abuse is wrong for punishment, the Islamic court uses it traditionally and without remorse. The question has come into play about whether countries such as Canada and the United States should take action and challenege the Islamic "Sharia" law, as it is called. It is wrong for Canada and the United States to interfere with their legal system. If the Islamic government decided that our laws were unreasonable, we would not care about what they thought. If our government speaks to them about their supposedly un-rational law, they will most likely not understand, as it has been tradition for their people for many generations. Instead of trying to change everything about their law, we should inform them of our beliefs and ways of dealing with certain matters. We can try and interest them with more humane ways, but to enforce our beleifs upon them, would only drive them away.

It is simple to understand that if the Canadian and U.S. governments try to force the Islamic government into changeing their laws to the way they believe it should be, the Islams are not going to listen. It will probably only make them angry and continue to go about their ways. The Canadian government would most likely do the same thing. By thinking about the situation from their point of view, it only seems rational. We would not wish to go along with the traditions and laws of the Islam government. If they spoke to our government about changeing our laws because they were just not right in the eyes of their country, we would probably think of it as rediculous or as if our privacy were being invaded.

Furthermore, if our government decided to speak to them about their...