Should we put a price on nature's services? This essay will disscuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, I decided that it is advantageous to put a price on nature's services.

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Can We Put a Price on Nature's Services?

Can we put a price on nature's services? That is a question which can yield a variety of responses. I for one am indifferent over the topic. One may argue that yes, you can put a price on natures services just because people have assigned a price over everything else, including a reward for the capture of another human being. However, people who disagree have a valid point in saying that the nature's services are similar to a human rights law. They could argue the point that if people are born equal then how can they truly be equal if they cannot take advantage of the resources in which we are born from. It will be difficult to decide what is right and wrong when both sides have valid points. Therefore, I am left with the feeling of indifference and each side will need to be discussed in great detail.

If one comes to the conclusion that you can put a price on nature's services, then they must have some reason inside leading to their conclusion. Some people feel that by putting a price on nature's services will eventually make people more conscientious in protecting nature, or their investment, rather than allowing it to fritter away. Personally, I agree with this statement because if we take the idea and use it in different context, it holds the same value. For example, imagine you spent $25,000 on a new car compared to someone giving you a new car, obviously you will take better car of the car you paid for because it is an investment, given that you worked hard to earn the $25,000. There are other benefits protecting nature such as preservation of species, possibly the reduction of acid rain, smog,