Should we send man to mars

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this was a 250 word essay but i really liked the topic so i typed a little extra. I would have more but like i said, it's a 250 word essay.

Why Shouldn't We Send Man To The Moon

-For Now

The first reason I think that we shouldn't send man to Mars is that we already have our own ball of dirt to use and destroy with garbage, ash, chemicals and other things that damage the Earth's ecosystem. Are we ready to move on and mine Mars for gold till it looks like a round piece of Swiss cheese? To discover the ancestors of that world when we barely know the ancestors of ours? Bottom line is that I think that we should at least discover and know almost everything about our world and use up it's resources before we decide to damage another and learn about it mysteries.

The second reason is that how safe would it be to rely on machinery to put oxygen into the air you breath, how safe is it to step onto a world that few if any has been on and lived to tell the tale. How would we know if there wasn't a storm brewing on the surface of the planet, ready at any moment to destroy the puny man and his machines that tickle it's surface. How safe would you be if all that separated you from a harsh not survivable world were a few walls of metal, or a machine and programs to mix air with oxygen is all that kept you able to breath the oxygen?

These are the reasons that I think that we shouldn't send man to Mars. Even if there are scientific marvels to be found on this planet named after a war god,