When should we trust our senses to give us truth? By Rashad Morris

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In this world today we can trust various things that can be determined to give us truth, but I don't think truth is actually found through our five senses. I believe it stems from the world of thought and our feelings. However, truth in its pure form, I believe could never be attained nor comprehended by humans. We only scratch surfaces for example it’s like looking at a couple pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that you realize fit together and proclaiming you see the big picture...when in actuality you see a piece of this or that color, but you have no idea where the other jigsaw pieces are or what it is you are trying to build. Our senses are designed to help our body function through our daily activities on a physical level. Now the question should we trust our senses to give us truth, in my opinion relates to us going far beyond physical on to the mental and emotional perspective of things.

It goes deeper, its instinct ;our senses are the inner being of our souls and that is what needs to be used first and foremost in order for us to determine what can be trusted. Trust can be broken and emotions are deceiving Our senses tell us when something is wrong and if we chose to disregard our senses and trust what someone is telling us we can end up being hurt and if we go on emotions. For example, children get hurt many times when they feel bad and trust that a bad person with a sob story will tell them.

Truth is defined as “an aspects of essence, which expresses its property of essential truth as the very existence of Truth, rather than as Truth related to some object or idea. This aspect...