Should women be allowed to have abortions on demand, or should there be restrictions on abortion rights?

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Political Science 1001 Normative Project Research DesignNormative Social Policy Issue: Should women be allowed to have abortions on demand, or should there be restrictions on abortion rights?Value Position: There are competing values in this question; the individual's right to determine what is done to her body versus the right to life. Both values are critical to individual and social well being. Two key questions that will determine how these value positions are reconciled are how "life" is to be defined in this context (conception, embryo to fetus, birth, consciousness) and under what circumstances can the taking of life be justified.Moral Judgement on Social Policy Issue: It will be argued that abortion should be allowed on demand during the first eight weeks of pregnancy. During the remaining 30 weeks of pregnancy abortion should be allowed only when the life of the mother is endangered and/or in the case where pregnancy is the result of rape.

It is assumed that during the last 30 weeks, the fetus has viability. If a physician determines that the fetus no longer has viability, abortion should be permitted. Is the Moral Judgement Universally Applicable? The reconciliation of rights in this moral position is to allow the rights of the individual to prevail over the right to life in the first eight weeks. This suggests that the definition of life is when the embryo develops into a fetus; and in viability during the last 30 weeks. This judgement is, therefore, universally applicable. Is the Moral Judgement to be Encouraged or Required: The state should require the policy through a law the defines the regulation and provides civil, but not criminal, penalties, such as fines, suspensions or loss of license. Further, the state should provide sex, pregnancy, and adoption education, so that women may make informed...