Should youth wages be raised?

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There has been a great deal of debate recently in regards to raising youth wages. Elevating youth wages would be a dire decision that in return will demote the more experienced employees. Raising youth wages will push the prices of goods and services sold in retail outlets upwards.

Raising youth wages may contribute to youth unemployment. The main purpose of youth wages is to support teens into jobs by allowing employers to pay them less then they would have to pay adults. Junior rates are the legal minimum teens have to be paid, not necessarily the definite. More can be paid, and quite often is. Because of junior rates businesses have been encouraged to employ young people where they otherwise would choose not to. Theses businesses are giving teenagers a crucial foot in the door into the working life that they would not otherwise have had. If youth wages were raised it will reduce the demand for young employees as they can employ an adult for the same cost who is more experienced and reliable.

Adults clearly have more responsibilities than youth workers. They quite often have bills, children, family, mortgage, insurance on car/house and other expenses needed for living to pay for. With teens have little if any responsibilities and only needing the money so they can buy new clothes or to go out with friends doesn't warrant a higher pay. How is it fair to the older, long service, more experienced employees if new beginning teenagers automatically receive the same wage? They are working to support themselves and others. Teens don't need the money for the little responsibilities they carry out. Also parents cover most of their children's financial needs anyway. By elevating youth wages we are downgrading all those employees who have worked their way...