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In the movie we watched, Shakespeare in Love, Viola says that "a play can show the very truth of nature and love". Queen Elizabeth, however, argues that "playwrights teach us nothing about love, they make it pretty, they make it comical, or they make it lust. They cannot make it true." First of all, let me say that everyone has their own opinion; it all depends on how you perceive it. If you are narrow minded and don't try, you'll never see the true love in plays or movies. In the movie, at first Queen Elizabeth is sure that plays are not able to show love, and she was very narrow minded. But after she gave it a chance and saw Romeo and Juliet in town, she opened up a whole new outlook on playwrights.

Today's movies have many ways of showing love. I have to admit, some movies show cheesy and fake love, but others are amazing! When you take a great director, you'll see that it presents all aspects of true love.

I think that adding a twist to the love story can be a very good thing. For example, two lovers not being able to see each other because of some reason, or distance being a factor or two people wanting to be with the same person. It all adds spice to the movie. I have always loved watching love movies, and I have to agree with Viola's view on true love. I believe that a movie or play can show true love. I greatly admire Shakespeare and his plays and sonnets. He was a very good writer that, I think, showed a different way to portray love. He is one of the many writers who did. A lot of people don't give it a chance.