Shrek embarks on a great quest: What kind of quest is Shrek on and what does he achieve?

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Shrek is a green ogre who prefers a life of solitude. He thinks he embarked on a quest in order to save his swamp from being infested by fairy tale creatures, but it is more than what he thinks. There are two parts of this quest. One is the quest for his loneliness, and the other is for happiness and many other things. It involves changing his life. During his quest, he achieves many things. He found the meaning of friendship, he found that appearances can be deceiving, discovered love, revealed that the expected does not always happen and gained self-confidence.

During Shrek's quest, he made a friend who was not disgusted by his appearance. Although Donkey was somewhat annoying and talkative, he became great friends with Shrek. They did not get along very well when they first met. Shrek did not see Donkey as a friend. He preferred a life of loneliness although deep down, although it may not be Shrek's first choice.

He found his appearance revolting. Although Shrek tried to scare away and remove Donkey from his swamp, Donkey continued to follow him. Their friendship developed as they braced themselves against many dangers and saving each other's lives. For example, during the scene where Shrek and Donkey are about to cross the bridge over the lava, Donkey was scared and said he would not cross, but Shrek urges him to go on and said "we're in this together". Shrek discovered that friends look after and forgive each other. It was "what friends are for".

After rescuing Fiona from the tower, Shrek found himself falling in love with the princess although he thought that he was a hideous and ugly beast. They did many joyful things together such as making each other balloons out of animals and doing...