The Shrewd Tyrant -- Joseph Stalin’s Role in CCP’s Victory over Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War (1936-1950)

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Wilson Chen

World History

Mr. Hanson

May 16th

The Shrewd Tyrant -- Joseph Stalin's Role in CCP's Victory over Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War (1936-1950)

While Stalin is generally portrayed as an atrocious tyrant by most of the European countries including his homeground Russia, he never received such notorieties in China, even today; indeed, during the crazy age of 50s when the PRC was callowly established, Stalin was cracked up by the authoritative medias in China along with Chairman Mao just as the way North Korea do to Kim Jeong-eun and Kim Jeong Il nowadays. China's official flattery to Stalin could be thoroughly manifested by excerpts from the Renmin Daily published in 1949. "(Mao said) Stalin is leader of the World Revolution, which is a significant matter. It is a huge event that Stalin stood out from the entire human; with him, things are easy to handle… This is such a blessing… We need to celebrate him, support him, and also learn from him[1]."

When Stalin died in 1953, his picture was put on the Tiananmen Square[2], signifying Stalin's unique stature in Chinese people's mind. It is difficult for Stalin to gain such venerations by simply providing the CCP with theoretical basis. As a matter of fact, since 1936, Stalin had actively guided and assisted CCP's combat against KMT; specific actions include providing Mao strategically guidance throughout the years of war; offering CCP a extremely initiative position in Manchuria right after the Japanese army withdrew; preliminarily distracted Chiang Kai-shek by pretending to support Chiang's will to construct a "Coalition Government" and constantly obstructing US from sending any form of assistance to Chiang's KMT using multiple tactics. Uncontroversially, Stalin made no less contributions to the victory of CCP than Mao and Zhou Enlai.

Stalin made a number of decisions for...