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An ear-piercing cackle jolted us back to conscience.

"My head hurts,"

" Mine too, but where are we?"

"Finally! I've found it!" a familiar voice interrupted our conversation. "I, the great Victor, have invented the solution to shrink any creature to ant size!" As the scientist uttered these spine-chilling words, he looked in our direction with an evil etched on his face. No! This was not the kind, young man who offered to drive us back to our house. He was a mad scientist in disguise!

This deformed scientist had kidnapped Pete and me. He approached us with a sinister smile and a glint of mischief in his protruding eyeballs. He had neither a strand of hair on him nor a streak of goodness in him. We were being held captive in his old, cluttered-up laboratory.

Professor Victor began to trot merrily towards us and rubbed his hand with glee.

Panic began to seize us as fear mounted. We could not do a thing as we were bound tightly together. The only thing we could do, was to hope for the worst.

As if answering our prayers, something did happen. He tripped! The solution was tossed into the air. "No!" A drop or two touched the scientist and the drop nearest to me missed me by a hair's breadth. What a close shave!

It did not land on us. I heaved a sigh of relief. The professor, however, began to shrink until he became a bite-size creature. He shouted frantically. " You reap what you sow." I shot back, with a grin of mischief.

As he kept shrinking, his words faded into the distance. Gingerly, I picked him up and dropped him into a jar, which Pete had found. Contentedly, I brought him home and we took turns looking after...