Shut Down Screens Week

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Andrew Davis

Shutdown screens week

Ms. Spoor

Grade 10

To whom it may concern,

Recently, our school district has been contemplating whether or not to participate in a new trend that is sweeping the nation, this being "Shut Down the Screens Week." What this is, is the district wide shut down of all electronic media for one week, this includes smart boards, computers, televisions, etc. There are multiple issues with this. No part of it benefits our school or students, with everything digitalized; removing technology would delay lessons, throw students behind in work and hurt the overall efficiency of the building.

Technology enhances the classroom for students. Students feel comfortable using technology mostly because they use it for everyday life. Students like Allison and Sam who are both very techy kids go to school and use their phones and don't even pay attention to what the teacher is explaining or going over.

To get them to pay attention you can take their phones away says most teachers or representatives, but really that just ignites fury and would make them hate the class or representative even more. Therefore if the teachers used more technology the students could grasp the fact of what they're teaching or at least learn better. Students like Singh who is deeply involved with technology wants to go into the fields of movie making, filming, and videogame making (olsin). Teachers today use smart boards, videos, games etc. to help explain how to do a problem and the technology makes it easier for both, teachers and the students. Another major part in information transfer between students and teachers is the computer. Most teachers now have their own websites, from which students can look at for homework assignments, homework help, and teacher information if the student needs to contact them.