The Shutdown at Eastland

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Terms of the close - what notice would you give, what benefits would you provide, etc.

The shutdown of Speedy Motors Company will be handled in a professional manner. The business sales are falling dramatically so employees should be informed of the dramatic drop in sales. Speedy Motors will give employees a six-month notice. With employees armed with this information the employees can prepare for future employment elsewhere. "An action or practice is right if it leads to the best possible balance of good consequences over bad consequences for all the parties affected." (Tom L. Beauchamp, Norman E. Bowie 2004). Speedy Motor Company shall provide services from an outside firm. "The Dislocated Worker Program provides employment and training services to workers laid off from their jobs due to no fault of their own." ( This outside firm will assist employees with resume-writing classes for anyone who wants to attend. The firm will also offer counseling to all employees because this is a life altering experience.

A severance package will be offered to employees in order to help them with their future endeavors. Speedy Motor Company will take a moral and ethical approach for the shutdown of the plant.

- Describe all of the affected stakeholders and how there interests will be considered.

Affected stakeholders are our suppliers who will be given notice of our intensions to close the plant. The plant closing will negatively impact all of our suppliers. The effects of the plant closing will cause layoffs, less profits and loss of business for our stakeholders. The local community will be affected and local officials will be involved in all details concerning the plant closing. "When a firm mismanages its relationship with the local community, it is in the same position as a citizen who commits...