Si Fuqiang and the farce that is Chinese justice.

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Si Fuqiang is a Director-General of the Bureau of Food of Jiao Cheng, in Shanxi Province, China. On the night of Dec. 23, 2005he sent a message to Wang Shengzhang, the Secretary of the Communist Party in Jiao Cheng County, to criticise him for his villianous behaviour. On the morning of the 24, Si Fuqiang was impounded by the Beaureau of Public Security of Jiaocheng using the name of "Crime of Insult". Many lawyers I contacted all said even according to Chinese Law, his behaviour was neither a crime, nor an illegal behaviour. However, Because Wang Shengzhang is the highest authority of Jiao Cheng County; absolutely no one in the County may dare argue against him, though most citizens hate Wang Shengzhang very much.

Some kind people however told me the truth secretly. Wang Shengzhang has many political defaults when he works in Jiao Cheng County. There are several great accidents in Mine explosions.

As an example, in 2005's "3.9" accident, 30 miners died. According to related policy, Wang Shengzhang should take the responsibility for it and be punished. However, he ordered the people who handled the accident affair to lie and made false reports by saying that there are 28 miners died in the accident and by rewrote the documents. Because according to China's Policy, the Secretary of the local government must be punished if the figure is above 30.......

His daughter is a university student. He uses his power to put his daughter's name down as a staff of the Bureau of the Security and take the salary every month. However, few staffs in the Bureau met her, because she did nothing there. He takes money from the people who want to be promoted and repay them by taking the advantage of his position to promote...