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Siddhartha GautamaI come to you in these words to help you find the way to enlightenment. It is a hard road to find the way. What do you think it will take to find enlightenment? To first find this answer you need to look around you and see our people. What are their struggles and what are the reasons? You have to find this to understand what is needed to find the way.

From my time observing our people I have found a problem of suffering is not something that will go away or that we can cure. We must understand that suffering is a mere part of our lives. We must take the time to understand suffering so to find the way. So what types of suffering are we talking about? We are speaking of pain, misery, sorrow, disappointment, frustration, discontent, disaffection, pessimism, and the sense of unfulfillment (2005).

I have found a way to answer the problem of suffering. We do this by what I have contained in my doctrine of the Four Noble Truths. These Four Noble Truths are: (1) There is suffering; (2) suffering has specific and identifiable causes; (3) suffering can be ended; (4) the way to end suffering is through enlightened living, as expressed in the Eightfold Path (2005). Suffering is in part of the result that all human problems are rooted in the fact of change and the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that it causes (2005). Suffering also can come from karma.

The fastest way to cause human suffering is through ignorance. In turn this will close any door for our people to reach enlightenment. What I mean by ignorance is by allowing the selfish cravings or being s slave to our desires and passions. By letting these things rule you, you cannot possibly be happy. You must teach people that life is ever changing. This means that even though everything is going well does not at any point guarantee that it will stay that way. This is way temporary satisfaction will be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety to create suffering.

The way to reduce the suffering is through meditation and self-abnegation. This will allow you to still the selfish cravings and overcome ignorance. This is not just as simple as it seems. You must find freedom from egoistic thoughts and desires. You will then need to free yourself from all fear and anxiety. Then you will need to reject the mere cravings and overcome the false self. By reaching this state you will be able to reach a state of supreme enlightenment and serenity that will bring the continuing cycle of reincarnation to an end for the individual. This is also known as nirvana.

We then turn to the Eightfold Path for the means of proper living. These are as followed from my writings:1.Right View - This is by learning the knowledge of man and what makes our life sick and unpleasant (2005).

2.Right Aim - The overcoming of passions and desire through will (2005).

3.Right Speech - To abstain from lies, deceptions, harmful gossip, idle chatter, and so on (2005).

4.Right Action - To not respond to improper desires and cravings, never to take a life, and by doing good deeds (2005).

5.Right Living - To obtain ones living by proper means and living free from selfish cravings (2005).

6.Right Effort - To struggling against immoral and corrupt conditions (2005).

7.Right Mindfulness - Having a duty to attain enlightenment and to understand the nature and effects of selfish craving. The Right Mindfulness will need to develop the noble principles of life they are: no sense of attachment toward body, feelings, perceptions, activities, and thought, and naturally controls all covetous longings and desires (2005).

8.Right Contemplation - This is the ultimate concentration of mind, integrates the abovementioned principles in dealing with all aspects of life. It is the liberating consciousness that frees the mind from the bonds of our cravings, inclinations, and desires. Any personal consciousness is replaced by an "invisible, infinite, all-penetrating consciousness" that brings lasting peace. It is pure cognition, free from any selfishness. This way to liberation is achieved by the utter annihilation of craving and therefore ultimately of suffering (2005).

These are the paths we must take, even though it will be slow to achieve. By taking each step one by one with constant effort in building an unshakable concentration we will find ourselves on the path to nirvana. If is to us to pass this to others to help them reach utter happiness. Now take this message and pass it to all that you can find and teach them the way.

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