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*Calibrating the Lightning Rod Towers*

If you speak with one of the Al Bhed workers near the Southern and Northern entrances of the Thunder Plains twice during Chapters 2 and 3, you'll be asked to assist in calibrating the Lightning Rod Towers. This mini-game is totally optional, but the better you are at it, the greater the rewards will eventually be.

There are ten towers to be calibrated in total. They each require you to participate in exercises that will test your hand-eye coordination skills and your short-term memory. To successfully calibrate each tower, you have to perform 30 calibration sequences without making any more than 3 mistakes. The first few towers are fairly easy to work with, but the going gets much more difficult with the latter towers.

There are three different calibration methods you will go through. One involves Rikku, and it requires you to input controller sequences that appear on all sides of the screen, in a fashion somewhat reminiscent of the Jecht Shot challenge in FINAL FANTASY X.

Paine's calibration requires you to choose the right button out of three falling options. The final one involves Yuna and will put your memory to the test by having you repeat randomly-generated controller sequences.

The first 9 towers are easily accessible on foot. The tenth one you have to calibrate from a distance, since it is located on the other side of a pool of water on the left in the Northern part of the Thunder Plains. The more calibrations you are able to make on each lightning tower, the better the prize you will receive at each tower during the Thunder Plains episode in Chapter 5. If you find yourself having difficulty with this rather sadistic sidequest, however, don't worry too...