Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud was born May 6, 1856, in a small town -- Freiberg -- in Moravia. Moravia is in current Czech Republic, northwest of Austria. His father was a wool merchant with a keen mind and a good sense of humor. His mother was a lively woman, her husband's second wife and 20 years younger. She was 21 years old when she gave birth to her first son, Sigmund. Sigmund had two older half-brothers and six younger siblings. When he was four or five -- he wasn't sure -- the family moved to Vienna, Austria, where he lived most of his life. Freud was a brilliant child, always at the head of his class, he went to medical school, one of the few viable options for a bright Jewish boy in Vienna those days. There, he became involved in research under the direction of a physiology professor named Ernst Brücke.

Brücke believed in what was then a popular, if radical notion, which we now call reductionism: "No other forces than the common physical-chemical ones are active within the organism."

Freud would spend many years trying to "reduce" personality to neurology, a cause he later gave up on. Freud was very good at his research, concentrating on neurophysiology, even inventing a special cell-staining technique. But only a limited number of positions were available, and there were others ahead of him. Brücke helped him to get a grant to study, first with the great psychiatrist Charcot in Paris, then with his rival Bernheim in Nancy, France. Both these men were investigating the use of hypnosis with hysterics. After spending a short time as a resident in neurology and director of a children's ward in Berlin, Germany, he came back to Vienna, married his fiancée of many years Martha Bernays, and set...