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Key figures in Counseling and Psychology by Michel JacobsSigmund FreudIn the 1920s, the world was changing dramatically. Underground salons were built, new architecture was used and modern dance was introduced. If it were not for certain people, the world would not be the way it is today. In the twenties, new theories and ideas in science and psychology were being presented daily. Sigmund Freud changed the world of psychology by presenting new and controversial ideas on psychology and having his theories published. Freud broke cultural boundaries as he fought scientists opposed to his books and continued to study the human mind. Freud truly helped change the world in the 1920s and his influence remains today.

Sigmund Freud was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1856. His father was a small time merchant. Freud's family moved to Vienna when he was one of four children. Freud was very ambitious and a good student.

In 1873, Freud entered the medical school of the University of Vienna. Freud was mainly interested in science and hopped to become a neuropsychological researcher. However, because of his financial situation, he was unable to pursue his desired career. Researchers in the twenties had to be wealthy because they were paid based on their findings. While in medical school, Freud developed a friendship with Josef Breuer, another physician and psychologist. One of Breuer's patients was Anna O. Anna O. was a young woman who had a serious case of hysteria. She had temporary paralysis and could not speak her native language, though she could speak German. Breuer discovered if he hypnotized Anna O., she was relieved of her symptoms. Breuer and Freud discussed this case frequently. This case seemed to have a lasting affect on Freud. He later went to Paris to study under Jean-Martin...