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After hearing about how helpful a hearing dog could be, in class, I began thinking about all of the different types of things that help the deaf live a more "normal" life. After researching many other things, I fell back onto the hearing dog as being the most interesting. I ended up narrowing my search down to three different web sites because I thought all three of them together really brought together the whole concept well. The three web sites are as follows: International Hearing Dog, Inc., (Two from) Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and Hearing dogs for the deaf. I think the hearing dog is nothing but good with its great ability to help the deaf, aid dogs without a home, and its great historical background.

Being able to live a "normal" life is something that a hearing dog really makes more possible. Or as one site describes it as "The trained hearing Dogs offer greater independence, confidence and security by alerting their deaf owners to sounds like the doorbell and telephone and to danger signals as a smoke or fire alarm."

These warnings that are provided by the hearing dogs are all key elements to being able to live a "normal" life. It also provides for the deaf to be warned in a much less obnoxious way, rather than an annoying strobe light or some vibrating thing. I think that the dog is a much better way for the deaf to be notified of such thing as a phone, because a light might not be able to wake them up, or some type of vibration, which also might not be able to properly notify them. The hearing dog not only brings a deaf person closer to living a "normal" life, they also "...provide warmth in companionship...