The significance of deities in the life of Buddha

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The role that deities play in Buddhism has been studied extensively. Some believe that the deities do not matter in the story of the Buddha, whereas others are in full support of the importance of these gods and goddesses. After looking at Warren's text, I believe that Buddha's early life would have been completely different had the deities not taken up an important role in the raising of the Buddha. The deities show respect towards the future Buddha as other followers would throughout his early life, even though they were the ones ultimately guiding him.

Buddhism began more than 2,500 years ago by an Indian Prince named Siddhartha Gautama. Siddartha was born into royalty, through a virtually immaculate conception from his mother. The deities appeared before her in a vision to let her know that Siddartha was coming, and how important he would be. A soothsayer named Asita predicted that he would become either the emperor of all India or if the "Four Passing Sights" should come to pass he would renounce the world and would become the greatest spiritual leader the world has ever known.

This was all the working of the gods and goddesses.

Even before his birth, the deities had convened with the future-Buddha to ask him to become the Buddha. They then helped steer him into his next life. The deities cannot choose the mother of the Buddha, but once they discover who it is, they assist with the birth as much as they can - they appear in a vision to her, as mentioned before, as well as stand guard after Siddartha's birth to protect the mother and him. If the gods and goddesses did not become involved, Siddartha would not exist as he is known today.

The deities also expose Siddartha...