Significance of Studying Homosexuals

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In today's society, many people are concerned with morality. Tradition dictates that marriage is a union between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising children. With the advancement in technology, homosexuals can undergo special operations to have their sexes changed and at the same time live a life of their choice - to become "gay" or to become a "lesbian". Many people wonder how come there is a rapid growth of homosexuals. Hence, in this study the researcher aims to provide sufficient information to help people understand the various aspects of homosexuality.

This study will explain the hardships encountered by homosexuals because people cannot accept them for what they are, their difficulties in understanding themselves and the emotional pains because of rejection by families and relatives. This research is mainly conducted to clarify the misconceptions and controversies surrounding homosexuality.

During the first half of the 20th century, gay men were viewed as effeminate, lesbians were portrayed as mannish, and both were seen as being obsessed with sex, with little self-control or morality.

Sadly, this condition is still present at our society today. This research will broaden the society's knowledge and help them accept the fact that homosexuals are human beings also. They do excel in fields of arts and music. They can contribute to the progress of a nation just like any other human being. With the facts gathered in this study, we are given different perspectives and views for us to be able to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of homosexuality.

This study can also help parents who are dealing with their children who have sexuality problems. This thesis can help them understand the state that their child is going in and best of all, find out the cause why their child is acting the way he/she is.

Lastly, this study shall make people learn to accept homosexuals as part of society by providing education and service to them.