The significance of the title “One Art”

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The significance of the title "One Art" is supported throughout the poem specifically with the opening line which states; The art of losing isn't hard to master. This line also goes on to introduce to the reader the "One Art" Bishop is referring to. Line two says there are many things that seem filled with the intent of being lost. My Interpretation: Things such as pennies, buttons, house keys, pencils or pens and other minute or commonly lost things are those that seem to be filled with the intent to be lost. Line three implies that since these things are commonly lost when they're lost it is no disaster.(no big deal!) The first line of stanza number two is self-explanatory in that people loose things everyday. Then Bishop opens up a new thought with the continuation of lines two and three telling the reader to accept loosing things in life.

Bishop also uses the most commonly lost door key as an example to support her previous statement. Furthermore she also supports this by saying; …the hour badly spent implying that once you lose something it would be an absolute waste of time to look for it. Then with the use of repetition Bishop goes back to state The art of losing isn't hard to master.

Line one of stanza three just basically shows that after you master the art of loosing you perfect it because it becomes frequent. Things you lose become to be further away from you and you begin to lose thing faster and faster(day after day to minute after minute). Line two shows examples of things easily forgotten or lost such as names and places. Again repetition is used to place enfaces on the fact that even after all of this loss there is still no disaster.

Stanza five is implying that even the biggest things that people lose don't cause disaster. This is shown in lines 1-3 of the fifth stanza which state, I lost two cities, lovely ones. And , vaster some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent. I miss them but it wasn't disaster.

Stanza six is showing example of a loved ones' presence being lost (missing) therefore the art of losing isn't hard to master.

Rime Scheme Stanza One: A,B,A Stanza Two: A,B,C Stanza Three: A,B,A Stanza Four: A,B,C Stanza Five: A,B,A Stanza Six: A,B,C,C The Purpose of the Poem: The purpose of this poem is to show that anyone can lose anything be it material things or not anytime no matter who he/she is.

Point of view- First person /Omniscient Additional Commentary Losing is called "art" because you can lose anything and Bishop used a number of things as examples from keys to loved ones furthermore implying that the art of losing isn't hard to master because anything can be lost even right down to a human being cared for greatly.